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Pyramid Solitaire Overview

Step inside one of the seven wonders of the world of solitaire, with the best of Pyramid Solitaire! Channel your inner Khufu and solve the problem of the pyramid with our fittingly innovative free online version of Pyramid Solitaire. We know you'll have it mastered in no time, and we hope you enjoy playing Pyramid Solitaire free today!

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

Learning how to play Pyramid Solitaire is easier than you may have thought! The main objective is to create card pairs that add up to 13. To remove the cards in a pair, simply click on both of them. Keep in mind that you can only play cards that are free from other cards. Once you clear all the cards, you win your game of Pyramid Solitaire.
The number on the cards corresponds with its value in pairing. For the face cards in Pyrmaid Solitaire, Aces are worth one point, Jacks are worth 11, Queens 12, and Kings are worth 13 and can be removed by themsleves! In Pyramid Solitaire card games, free cards from the stock to the waste by clicking on the cycle button, but be aware that you can only do this three times! A tip? Match cards in the stock and waste pile to get extra points — just don't use the ones you need to help you finish your game of Pyramid Solitaire! Now that you know the rules, how about checking out some fun facts about free Pyramid Solitaire below!

Fun Facts About Pyramid Solitaire

  • The first version of Pyramid Solitaire was apparently called Tut's Tomb, inspired by the famous Ancient Egyptian leader, King Tutankhamun!
  • The game is called Pyramid Solitaire because when the cards are dealt, they make a shape similar to that of the famous Pyramids of Egypt.
  • The time doesn't start running until your first click, from which point you will have 10 minutes to free Pyramid Solitaire cards. Some advice? Scan the pyramid for pairs before performing your first move.
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